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Pressure Cooker Shredded Chicken with Black Mole Sauce |

Pressure Cooker Shredded Chicken in Black Mole Sauce

I love mole, Mexico’s complex sauce of dried chili peppers, seeds, and spices – always including a little chocolate. I went to Oaxaca to take cooking classes, specifically to learn how to make the real thing – Oaxaca’s black mole, Mole Negro. We spent the whole afternoon making it – grinding seeds, toasting chili peppers, and so, so much simmering. Real deal mole is amazing, but I cheat on weeknights, and buy buy pre-made mole paste at my local Mexican mercado. But it is Authentic Cheating – home cooks in Mexico also buy pre-made mole paste at their local market. (The Mole stalls in Oaxaca were impressive – piles of mole paste, as tall as I am, shaped into pyramids or domes.) My favorite mole paste is from Seasons of my Heart in Oaxaca – the aforementioned school I went to – but the tubs of mole at my local market work just fine. I went with the Mole Negro paste, so I could revisit my trip, but any mole paste will work with this technique. …