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Gift Suggestions for Instant Pot Fans 2019

Instant Pot Gift Suggestions

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Gift Suggestions for a Pressure Cook

Looking for a gift for that special someone who happens to be an Instant Pot fanatic? Looking for a new gadget to improve your pressure cooking? Here are my favorites.

(For the record – as I wrote this, I realized how much of it comes from OXO. I’m not sponsored by them, honest…I just like a lot of their products.)

Fat Separator

I have affiliate links in my recipes, for tools and accessories I think are useful. A fat separator is the one that was purchased the most in 2019. A lot of my Instant Pot recipes use the pot liquid when they’re done, and the fatty, tough cuts that hold up to pressure cooking can usually use defatting. I’m including two versions, my old standby (that looks like a teapot) and the new “spigot on the bottom” version. I use them both, and can’t pick which one I like better.

OXO Good Grips Good Gravy Fat Separator

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

7-Inch Springform Pan and Silicone Baking Sling

The silicone baking sling is an upgrade to the rack that comes with the Instant Pot (or any other electric pressure cooker.) It’s easier to clean, and the handles are easier to grab. I often pair it with a 7-Inch springform pan when I’m making a pressure cooker cheesecake.

NordicWare 7-Inch Springform Pan

OXO Pressure Cooker Bakeware Sling

The Basics

Tongs are my hands in the kitchen – I have all sorts of different lengths – but these shorter, silicon tipped ones make it easy to grab stuff out of a deep pressure cooker. A flat-edged wooden spoon is essential for scraping stuck food from the bottom of the Instant Pot, and the key to avoiding “burn warnings”. Pinch mitts protect my fingers when I need to lift the hot inner pot out of the pressure cooker.

OXO 9-Inch Kitchen Tongs

OXO Flat Edged Sauté Paddle

Instant Pot Mini Mitts

I may have written this gift guide just to re-use my Mini Mitt puppet GIF

Speaking of inner pots…I always keep a spare inner pot (or two) on hand, in case the kids are behind on the dishwashing and I need to use my pressure cooker. (They also make a great “second bowl” when I’m straining chicken broth). The glass lid is for when I’m using the pot and not pressure cooking; it also helps when I want to use the spare inner pot for cooling or storage.

Instant Pot Inner Pot 6-Quart

Instant Pot Glass Lid

A Second Instant Pot

If one Instant Pot is great, two are even better. There are two ways you can go with your second pot…

Bigger is Better…

Get a big second pot. This is what I recommend – a 6-quart Daily Driver pot, and an 8-Quart pot when I need to go big. Of course, now that Instant Pot is selling an 10-Quart pot, that’s my new Big Bad.

8-Quart Instant Pot

10-Quart Instant Pot

…Or, Maybe Better Is Better

The other way to go is to upgrade. The deluxe Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus adds a fancy knob-driven interface and a more informative screen. If you…ahem, I mean the person you’re buying for…uses their Instant Pot constantly, don’t you…I mean they…deserve the best? (And then you have your old pot for side dishes and desserts, when your fancy new pot is busy.)

6-Quart Instant Pot Evo Plus

DadCooksDinner Merch

Did I mention I have T-Shirts? If you have a dad who cooks dinner, maybe he’d like to show off:

DadCooksDinner B&W Logo Shirt

DadCooksDinner Color Logo Shirt

What do you think?

Questions? Other pressure cooking gift ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I definitely encourage folks to check out the Duo Evo Plus Instant Pot – both those purchasing their first IP and especially those who already own an Instant Pot and who’ve been thinking, “I’d consider upgrading if a new Instant Pot model came out that was truly an improvement over previous models.” Well, while Instant Pot has many models that have come out since I originally purchased my Instant Pot Duo, the Duo Evo Plus IS that model worth upgrading to. In my opinion and that of others, it’s a game-changer. The Duo Evo Plus is a result of customer feedback to Instant Pot and has many improved features. In my opinion, it’s the best Instant Pot currently available unless you’d rather have the one that allows you to air fry too. By the way, if you’re interested in sous vide cooking, the Duo Evo Plus has a sous vide setting.

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