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Rotisserie How To: Two Chickens, One Set of Forks

What is the most common question I get about rotisserie grilling?

“I want to cook two chickens on my rotisserie. Do I need two sets of forks?

You can spit two chickens with one set of forks. Just cram them together and…wait, this would be easier if I showed you.

First, truss the chickens



Spit the first chicken

Get it tight on the first spit fork.


Add the second chicken to the spit

Nose to tail


Secure them with the other spit fork

Push the chickens together as hard as you can, then lock down the second spit fork. If the chickens are not tight together, they might work loose and start wobbling around on the spit.





This works with as many chickens as you can fit on your spit. It also works for cornish hens, which are just smaller chickens. I’ve squeezed four cornish hens onto the spit for my Weber kettle, and I would guess I can fit at least six on the longer spit for my Weber Summit.

Two chickens plus one pineapple!

What do you think? Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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