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Rotisserie on the web: Greek Easter Dinner in Akron, OH

I just read this in my local paper, the Akron Beacon Journal, and I’m impressed. These guys make me look like the dilettante that I am. They cooked Easter dinner for a few friends. 150 of them.

“The joy on Larry’s face was obvious. He was surrounded by meat.

At this party, the men come early and cook the meat. Larry stood center stage on his patio, alternately frying batches of chicken livers, sausages and fish.

Behind him, a whole lamb and a whole pig turned on a spit, carefully supervised by John Stathopoulos, who built the steel structure about 10 years ago.

Next to him, Jack Manos, grandson of Tom, watched over six legs of lamb as they, too, turned slowly over burning embers. Jack’s father, George Manos, beamed with pride that the celebration his father helped to start is still going strong.

A third spit held 16 chickens, each stuffed with lemons and feta cheese, which family friend Dominic Fallucco guarded, while the Pouloses’ son George deep-fried a turkey. There was tuna and walleye, fried calamari and even tripe.”

The joy of being surrounded by meat! Now that’s my kind of guy.

My favorite quote is from his wife:

But Karen loves to watch how much her husband enjoys the day. ”It keeps him from buying a restaurant,” she said.

Lisa Abraham: My Big Fat Greek Easter Dinner Affair [Akron Beacon Journal]

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