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Supporting Dad Cooks Dinner – 2017

I know you’re getting a lot of requests for support during the holidays…so here’s mine! Give me your money! I want to go full Scrooge McDuck, and swim around in a vault of gold coins! Bwahahaha!

Ahem. Sorry.

DadCooksDinner is a labor of love. I spent over 800 hours in 2017 working on it. Over the years, the blog has gone from making no money to making…some money. Not enough to quit the day job, but enough to make filing taxes a mess. (Even a popular food blog like mine is not the path to a Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins.)

As the blog grows, I try to be more professional (professionalish?). And I pick up more expenses. A test roast here, a pressure cooker accessory there, better blog hosting, a new theme…it all adds up. To help support DadCooksDinner, please consider contributing in one of the following ways:

Holiday purchases through my Amazon.com links

If you buy anything on Amazon after clicking through one of the Amazon links on this page, I get a small commission. You won’t pay extra, so this is a no-cost way to help me out and do your holiday shopping at the same time. (Inside Blogging info: Amazon’s affiliate commissions were cut at the beginning of the year, and I make about half as much as I did in previous years. But, half is not zero, and every little bit helps. Thank you to everyone who uses my links!) 1

Holiday Thermoworks sale

I am also a Thermoworks affiliate. The Thermapen is my favorite instant-read thermometer, and my Chef Alarm probe thermometer gets a lot of work this time of year. (It’s great for holiday roasts.) Thermoworks has a bunch of sales going on, and I’ll get a small commission if you buy through this link.

Direct support through my tip jar

Not an Amazon kind of person? Want to help me out directly? You can tip me through PayPal.

(Tips are processed by PayPal, but they take credit cards if you don’t have a PayPal account.)

Special thanks to reader Martha H for her ongoing tip jar subscription!

Thanks again for reading, everyone!

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  1. Another aside: I follow my own advice. I support my favorite blogs through their Amazon affiliate links – I try to do all my Amazon shopping by going through the links on their websites. Does my Amazon addiction contribute to their blogs? Oh, my. Yes it does.


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