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Instant Pot Ceramic Nonstick Inner Pot

Instant Pot Ceramic Nonstick Pot Liner |

Instant Pot Ceramic Nonstick Pot Liner

Instant Pot has released a ceramic nonstick inner pot!

(Yes, I know they’ve had one on their website for years, but it was always out of stock. This new pot liner is available now on Amazon, a sign that Instant Pot has caught up with demand. That said, if you want one, grab it soon, just in case it sells out.)

Now, I prefer durable stainless steel pots. I don’t have much luck with nonstick – I always scratch it, and have to replace it after a few years. So, I’m reluctant to use a nonstick pot in my main, workhorse pressure cooker. The stainless steel inner pot is one of Instant Pot’s big advantages.

But as a backup, especially for sticky recipes like Mac and Cheese? I’m happy that Instant Pot now has an official nonstick inner pot.

Backup inner pots are also useful to have around. I have a few extra, for when I’m slow on dishes, or when I need a second pot to strain chicken broth. I’m glad to add a nonstick pot to the lineup – even with my fear of scratching it, the easy cleanup of a nonstick pot is hard to resist.

Instant Pot Ceramic Nonstick Inner Pot []

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  1. I can do anything in the ceramic liner? Saute, cook rice, pot in pot cooking and yogurt?

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