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The Instant Pot Max is On The Way

Remember a few weeks ago, when I was complaining about the missing Instant Pot Max? Guess what – it’s coming!

The Max is available for pre-order at Amazon (Instant Pot Max at Amazon.com link) and Williams-Sonoma. (I’m an Amazon affiliate, so if you use the Amazon link, I get a a small commission, and thanks). Amazon isn’t giving any hints about the release date; Williams-Sonoma says my order is backordered, with an expected delivery date of December 14th. Hopefully, it’s an early Christmas Present for myself.

Now, Is the Max worth its $199 price? Not really, when the Instant Pot Duo Plus costs only $129 (and even less on sale – hold out for Black Friday if cost matters.) I don’t think the Max Pressure is going to change the Instant Pot experience much.

But, oh, the Max looks so good. I wants it, I needs it, my preciousssss…ahem. I meant to say: if you love your Instant Pot and want the top of the line model (like I do), then the Max is almost here!

Instant Pot Max – Amazon.com

Instant Pot Max – Williams-Sonoma

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  1. Thanks for the update! The Max looks pretty cool, but we want to get a 2nd Instant Pot (the model we currently have is a 6qt Duo with the manual function), and the second one will be the 8qt Duo Plus. Price should drop on Black Friday so will hold out until then.

    For anyone looking to get an Intant Pot, Black Friday Deals actually start on Amazon this Friday the 16th so start checking then.

    Look forward to your review of the Instant Pot Max.

  2. razzy 7 says

    I certainly have no inside info, but I keep thinking the Max is going to be a Today’s Special Value on QVC one day soon. If so it would be at a great price.

    On the other hand QVC likes to sell products no one else has. Hence the Viva model that only QVC has. Hip Pressure Cooking notes that the Viva “is a DUO V3 with an additional function. It includes all the buttons and features of the original DUO but with the addition of “cake” and “egg” programs (seen starting in version 3 of the DUO) with the “sterilize” setting of the DUO PLUS 9-in-1 cooker even though it technically only has eight functions: Saute’; Keep-Warm; Steam; Rice cook; Slow Cook; Yogurt maker; “Sterilizer” and Pressure Cooker.”

    Would I like the Max? Sure. Could I justify its purchase? No. I love my DUO and at least for the forseeable future will stick with that and my 3 qt Ultra.

    I’m also wondering if IP had some kind of problem with the Max that has hopefully been solved. It was supposed to be available this summer and now almost 6 months later it’s finally available.

    • Cancelled my W-S preorder bc it said deliver Dec 14th. Ordered this morning from Amazon who had a limited supply and it shoukd be here Wed Nov 14.

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