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Things I Love: Oxo 4 Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set

When I saw these colorful mini beakers, I had to have them. I wasn’t the only one. As I was opening the Amazon box, my wife and daughter walked into the room.

ArtisticDaughter and MomTeachesScience [In unison]: What’s that?

DadCooksDinner: It’s my mini beaker set.

ArtisticDaughter: They’re so colorful! Can I have them?

DadCooksDinner: No, I got them for the kitchen.

MomTeachesScience: Those are great. I could really use them at school.

DadCooksDinner [Clutching them to his breast]: They’re for me! For the kitchen!

ArtisticDaughter and MomTeachesScience [In unison]: Can you get me one? How much are they?

I’ve had them for a week, and I use them every day. They’re like pinch bowls for liquids, perfect for measuring small amounts. Yellow is one teaspoon, blue is one tablespoon, green is one ounce, and red is two ounces (a quarter cup).

If you enjoy adult beverages, they make a great replacement for imprecise jiggers and shot glasses.

Most importantly, they’re cute! I always like an extra splash of color in my kitchen, and they make me smile whenever I see them.

Disclaimer: “Things I Love” are tools I bought. I use them every day in the kitchen, and I would hate to live without them. I am not receiving anything from the manufacturer. If you buy something through the links on my site I get a small commission from the purchase. Thank you!
(OK, I’m good with the FCC now.)

Oxo 4 Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set

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  1. I saw those at BB&B when my fiance and I were loading up our wedding registry. I wanted to leave with them but she insisted we have some inexpensive items on the list. In 5 months they will be mine!

  2. Dan McGrew says

    Had something else I needed from Amazon so I added these to the order – and used your link.

  3. they are darn cute & practical.(and pretty affordable)Think I must get in near future!!!!!

  4. Laura says

    Cute! I can’t tell from the amazon listing, or your post what material they are. Polycarbonate or heat-resistant glass?



  5. Doug DeFrees says

    The former chemist in me says I need these for my kitchen. Though getting at eye-level to view the meniscus is harder with bifocals.

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