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Throwback Thursday: Butter Basted Sous Vide Porterhouse

Butter Basting a Sous Vide Porterhouse | DadCooksDinner.com

Butter Basting a Sous Vide Porterhouse

I’m going on a bit of an “inside blogging” rant here. If you’re just interested in the recipe, here it is: Sous Vide Butter Basted Porterhouse (from the freezer, seared in a cast iron pan)

On with the rant!

I hate SEO.

SEO is “search engine optimization” – in other words, adding things to my posts so Google understands them. I want to write for people, not search engines. And yet…

If I want to write a food blog that anyone reads, I have to do SEO. According to my statistics, 75% of you found me through a Google search, so I need to keep The Algorithm happy.

(If you stuck around after that original Google search, and are still following me, thank you!)

You don’t see most of my SEO work – and neither do I. My recipe plugin takes care of most of it. You see a neatly formatted recipe; Google sees a list of tags: This is a recipe, this is a picture, this is a list of ingredients, and so on.

Unfortunately, when I started using a recipe plugin, I chose…poorly. Every time I open Google Webmaster Tools, I see a red Error badge on the top of the screen. And I’m one of those people who can’t ignore notifications – I clear all the badges on my iPhone every time I use it. (No unread email count for me, or I get twitchy.)

I have a few dozen recipes with Google Recipe Card errors. I’m working my way through the list, converting them to my new plugin. It is a trip down memory lane, revisiting early 2015.

And, what a coincidence: the first recipe on the error list looks familiar. I have a porterhouse in the freezer, and the recipe is on the menu for dinner tonight!

Porterhouse steak with slices on a cutting board

Sous Vide Porterhouse, sliced and ready to serve

Original Recipe: Sous Vide Butter Basted Porterhouse (From the Freezer)

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