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Fagor America is now Zavor

Zavor Lux Edge at my local Bed Bath and Beyond

ZAVOR is the inspired creation of the team behind Fagor America. After closing its doors, the minds behind the top pressure cooker brand in the country put all their efforts into continuing the product line on their own terms, enter ZAVOR.

I was worried we were losing the Fagor line of pressure cookers. Great news! I was wrong! Zavor has risen from the ashes of Fagor America.

My long-time favorite stovetop cooker, the Fagor Duo, is back as the Zavor Duo (along with the Zavor Elite, a Macy’s exclusive, and the Versa, a Bed Bath and Beyond exclusive..)

Even better, the Fagor Lux electric pressure cooker line is now the Zavor Lux, Lux Edge, and Lux LCD, all in 4-, 6-, and 8-quart sizes. They’re my favorite “Non Instant Pot” electric pressure cookers, and I’m glad they’re still around to keep Instant Pot on their toes.

Zavor fixed a couple of my complaints from earlier models. They changed the gasket holder on the 8-quart lids, and they added a “Mute” feature to stop the beeping that made me crazy with the old Fagor. (Hold down both the + and – buttons to mute the beeping until the cooker is unplugged.) Wait a minute – are they actually reading my posts? No, that can’t be…ahem. 

Welcome back, Zavor!


Zavor Lux Edge 8-Quart Multi-Cooker  []

Zavor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker []

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  1. How well do Instant Pot recipes translate to the Zavor? I just got a Lux LCD but all recipe books are for the Instant Pot

    • They should work exactly the same. “Cook at High Pressure for X minutes” works the same in an Instant Pot or a Zavor (or a Cuisinart, or any other electric PC.)

  2. Julie Rood says

    Hi MIke, we just bought a Zavor 8qt Lux edge presure cooker. I hope mine is the model with the improved gasket in lid. (I have no idea) and I am glad to hear of the muting of any beeping that will occur. Things of that nature drive me nuts. Thanks for the tips, I look forward to more while following your channel.

  3. Hi, I had the fagor splendid pressure cooker. Which would be the equivalent in zavor? I was going crazy looking for the replacement because my locking mechanism melted somehow and discovered zavor was the new fagor. yay!

  4. Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I am a big Fagor fan and wanted to buy a second LUX LCD Multicooker and couldn’t find it. Now, I know that Zavor should have the same level of quality.

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