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Heads Up: Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 is coming soon!

Instant Pot Duo Plus (Image Courtesy of |

Instant Pot Duo Plus (Image Courtesy of

I’ve heard rumblings about a new Instant Pot, and friend of the blog Laura over at just made it official – the Instant Pot Plus is on the way in “Mid-April”!

Preview: Instant Pot’s Upcoming Duo Plus, []

I have to admit – my first thought was “I have to double check – this could be an April Fools joke.” An official listing sure isn’t a joke, even if it is currently unavailable:

Instant Pot 6 Quart Duo Plus 60 [] (Listed as “Currently Unavailable” – but coming mid-April?)

From Laura’s post, it looks like the basic functions of the Instant Pot stay the same – it’s still my trusty pressure cooker – but they have re-designed the display on the front to make it more informative, and changed the inner pot to show the actual “max fill” line for pressure cooking. (The old max fill line was for non-pressure cooking; not very helpful when you use it almost exclusively as a pressure cooker, like I do.)

Is this worth upgrading to if you already have an Instant Pot Duo? Not from what I’m seeing – it’s nicer than the current Duo, but there’s not “got to have it” feature. But, if you are a pressure cooker fanatic like me, it’s the perfect excuse to upgrade…and pass the old one on to a deserving family member.

I’ve reached out to Instant Pot to see if they have any official news they can give me about the new cooker, and will let you all know if I find out. Until then, I’m going to be checking that Amazon page roughly every fifteen minutes, mouse pointer hovering over the Buy Now button, muttering “Be there…be there…” to myself.

What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I am glad to see IP continuing to improve their product, but I don’t see any significant changes, so I will hold out. I think my next pot will have to have some major new features, or be a bigger size. The smart may tempt me one day, if they came out with an 8 qt or bigger smart I’d probably pre order it 🙂

  2. Razzy 7 says

    The DUO Plus might not be worth an upgrade, but perhaps the DUO Ultra might. See Sur la Table website for info on that.

      • Theresa says

        Mike, please let me know your verdict. I’m in the market for one. I would have loved by Easter, but it looks like I’ll need to survive and plan a different menu:)I keep watching Amazon as well and they are supposed to alert me when they are in stock. But I would like to hear your comparison between the plus and the ultra. I liked the cake option on the Plus. I did not check to see if Ultra had that.

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