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About DadCooksDinner

About DadCooksDinner:

I’m Mike Vrobel, a food-obsessed dad who cooks dinner for his family every day. I blog to share my passion for food.
If I didn’t share, I’d probably explode.

I believe in home cooking, simple cooking, and cooking with real food.

I believe that basic techniques set cooking free from recipes. I also believe that technique can constantly be improved.
Especially my technique. I’m a self-taught home cook, so I’m constantly learning new things.

I believe that understanding the science behind cooking makes me a better cook.

I focus on grilling and rotisserie cooking because I’m a guy, and cooking over a live fire satisfies deep seated Y chromosome needs. I write about weeknight cooking because I cook for myself, my wife, and our three kids every night. Beyond that, I go wherever food mania takes me. This covers a lot of ground, from what to do with that strange new vegetable in my CSA to how to make Vietnamese Pho in my pressure cooker.

DadCooksDinner is a one-man effort; I am the writer, editor, photographer, cook, recipe tester, grill lighter, and dishwasher.
*OK, my wife and kids help with the dishwashing.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings about food.  Please stop back soon!

[DadCooksDinner grilling in the snow – picture by Kev Anderson]

Contact Information:
Email is the best way to contact me. Email me at dadcooksdinner@gmail.com

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OK, there aren’t any secrets. I don’t make that much money, but I do want my FTC mandated disclosure to sound interesting.

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I can’t think of ANYTHING that would make a privacy policy interesting. I tried, but I came up with a blank. Sorry.

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  1. Anonymous says

    just found your blog thru a google search. sounds like fun. you sound like the guy from smoking meat which i really enjoy, looking forward to some fun recipes.

  2. Just found your blog in an effort to find a slow cooking recipe for beef – lovely, clean, funny, attractive, eminently useful blog!  I am getting ready to do a blog myself on skin issues.  I still really like the look of blogspot…

  3. Thanks, Kerry. I’m happy with blogspot; it’s easy to work with, and free. (Free is always good.) I pay about $10 a year for my own domain name, and blogspot takes care of the rest.

  4. Just found your blog, actually my wife did and showed it to me. Love the choice of Fiesta, I am an engineer at Homer Laughlin. I too cook most nights for the family and am always looking for easy meals through the week that are healthy.

  5. Vincent,Denmark says

    Hello there from Denmark,an Irishman filling the bellies of his family ,like yourself and everyone else on your page,enjoying the moments and a glass of wine `painting edible pictures`,being creative out of the blue.Wonderful indeed;-)
    But I`m wondering about your use of Kosher salt all the time–why?If its religious then the Jewish community will use it anyway.Or has it a distinct flavour that Im ignorant about?This is a culinary question and nothing else,maybe my salt world will be expanded again,like maldon etc.
    As my mother said-KISSIN DONT LAST,, COOKIN DO!


  6. Aaron says

    It’s much harder to find things since you changed the format of your blog topics. It was much more fun to browse when the list of topics was longer.

  7. I’m slimming down the topics so I can have a central “Index” page…but it’s not ready yet. So, for now, you get the worst of both worlds.

    Sorry about that…


  8. Vincent,Denmark says

    Thanks for replying,and hello foodies around the world 😉

  9. Kitdesigns says

    Found you on bing! We just got the rotisserie attachment for our older BBQ and wanted to try it out. Your site got us so excited, we went and bought 2 rib roasts! We’re a little worried about the cook time since we don’t have rows of burners, but we’re going to try it on about a dozen friends tomorrow.
    I’ll report back!

  10. Rhonda says

    Hi Mike,
    Just got back from the All Clad sale (Saturday).  Got there at noon and only waited 5 minutes to get in.  Got the d5 2 and 4 quart sauce pans, 4 quart Saute pan, 5.5 quart stock pot, a stainless saute pan, large spoon, and digital read thermometer.  I had a blast and also stopped at the Fiesta outlet and Ikea.  It was a fun road trip! 

  11. Hi Mike, congrats on a great book, I really like it. I see that you have a shun bob Kramer chef knife from sur la table, I have one too. My question is what type of honing steel do you use to keep it sharp? I see there is a honing steel from sur la table in the bob Kramer line, but I couldn’t tell how good it was.

    Any suggestions on honing steels you use/like please let me know, thanks. -Tom.

  12. Belgique says

    Love the site and book. Just got the 22.5 Weber and the rotisserie. Great ideas here and the book. Q on the Kindle book. Has anyone reported a problem with page turning? On my Sansung Tablet it hangs on many of the pages with the beautiful pictures. Requires many taps to turn. No big deal…it may just be my Tablet. Thanks! steve

  13. This is the first I’ve heard about page turning problems. I’ve checked it on the computer (Mac), iPad, and Kindle keyboard versions without any issues. I’ll keep an ear out…but I think it might be the table.

  14. Nathan A says

    Thanks for all the great content Mike. Your site is a wealth of information. Found your site while looking for some good pressure cooker recipes. I’m a huge advocate of grain-free cooking and using quality ingredients for my family. Virtually evey one on your recipes feature real ingredients with an emphasis on efficiency.

    I’m still fascinated with my new pressure cooker but once the novelty wears off, I look forward to trying your other amazing looking dishes. Keep it coming brother.


  15. Found you through Google search for the All-Clad Factory Sale. Can’t believe you’re just South of me (Macedonia). Love the blog, look forward to reading more.

  16. candid one says

    Hi Mike,
    It was nice to read your post. I like All-Clad too & have just started my collection with d5 4qt essential pan…must say it’s wonderful. I am verymuch interested in visiting the All-Clad Seconds sale in Pennsylvania, but would like to know if I have to book my place or ticket before hand or everyone is welcomed there? I am talking about July 2013 sale is I am not making a mistake.

  17. Thanks Mike for all the really useful tips. Just bought my first Rotisserie oven and found your blog through Google. I learned a lot and was amused at the same time. Well done for taking the time to do this and help others! Anne, Eastbourne, England

  18. tzdzienicki says

    Hi Mike, Just stumbled onto your blog and am really enjoying it. I recently inherited a Farberware electric rotisserie and have been looking for tips on what and how to cook with it. Can’t wait to try your boneless leg of lamb recipe this weekend with a friend on a Paleo diet. Cheers!

  19. Tim Ragsdale says

    I bought your book through amazon and absolutely love it. As I write this my first two chickens are “dry brining” and I’m getting ready to fire up the grill and my new rotisserie kit for my Weber (charcoal/mesquite of course).

  20. C. Malone says

    Hi Mike, I too just stumbled onto your blog looking for something different to serve my family for the weekend after the July 4th Holiday other than ground meat and chicken. Pork was on sale this weekend so I decided I would look for a recipe for Rotisserie Pork Shoulder, Make it using your recipe and it was terrific. I like to pin all the recipes I make to Pinterest but you don’t have the link. So I saved you to my favorites. You really need to get a Pinterest link so I can share my good fortune with my friends and I can save all my favorite recipes in one place.
    C. Malone

  21. Just got your book for Xmas. Looks very good. Can’t wait to get started but why no recipee for suckling pig

  22. Fast Freddy says

    Hay dad, love your pressure cooker hummus, one you must include would be a bay leaf or two before you lock the lid down. Adds so much to the flavor.

  23. timclaes says

    Hi Mike, I posted a while back. Haven’t tried to do suckling pig yet but I did find out where I can buy it when I am ready to try it. I got your book last xmas. It’s become my go-to reference for rotisserie. Love it. Did the dry orange and spices brine for the thanksgiving turkey. Worked out really well. Do you think one can do this with a bigger turkey as well? Might need to further reduce the temperature maybe?

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