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Wish List: Thermoworks Smoke 2 Channel Wireless Thermometer

Thermoworks Smoke [Photo courtesy of]

Thermoworks Smoke [Photo courtesy of]

FCC Notice: I am a Thermoworks affiliate – any Thermoworks products you buy through the links on this page will give me a small commission, and help support DadCooksDinner. Thank you for your support! That said, I love Thermoworks. I used their thermometers for years before becoming an affiliate, and highly recommend them.

My friends at Thermoworks announced a new thermometer…and my gadget lust is strong for this one.

The Thermoworks Smoke is a 2 channel wireless thermometer, perfect for backyard grilling and barbecue…especially if you want to grill year-round.

The Smoke is a souped-up version of my ChefAlarm probe thermometer, with two heat-resistant probes instead of one, and a wireless receiver.

Let’s start with 2 probes. Why is that second probe important? Two probes let you track the temperature in the food and in the grill at the same time. If you have long, outdoor cooks with charcoal (like, say, pork shoulder, turkey, or ribs), then you want to know the temperature of both the food and the grill.

Thermoworks Smoke Details [Photo courtesy of]

Thermoworks Smoke – Details [Photo courtesy of]

Even better, the Smoke has a wireless receiver, so you can keep an eye on the temps from as far as 300 feet away with line-of-sight. I have had a few wireless thermometers, but none of them had anywhere near that range. Those old receivers would lose their connection if I went into the TV room to check on the football game.1 Walls will cut down on the distance the signal can travel…you won’t get 300 feet through concrete, brick, and wood…but I believe Thermoworks has a remote that will let me get me away from the window right next to the deck without losing its signal. And, believe me, if you’re an all-weather griller, you want to be able to go inside. After all…Winter is Coming.

Obligatory Sean Bean meme.

Obligatory Sean Bean meme.

Now, 300 feet is fantastic, but there is more coming in 2017. Thermoworks is working on the Smoke Gateway, a WiFi link and app that add on to the Smoke. The Smoke Gateway will connect the Smoke to your WiFi network, transmitting the temperature to the app on your phone, no matter where you go. This is it. We’re living in the future.

Smoke Gateway - coming soon.

Smoke Gateway – coming soon.

Looking for a Christmas gift for the backyard barbecuer? Or, want to help them on Thanksgiving, when they’re running in and out of the house, trying to check on the grill and the rest of the meal? The Smoke is perfect for them. (And, if you *are* the backyard barbecuer in the family? Treat yourself!)

The Thermoworks Smoke is shipping on October 20th. I’ve already got my pre-order in.


Thermoworks Smoke []


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Hi! I’m Mike Vrobel. I’m a dad and an enthusiastic home cook; an indie cookbook author and food blogger with a day job, a patient spouse, and three kids who would rather have hamburgers for dinner.


  1. Tres B says

    Hey Mike:

    Well, I ended up ordering the Thermapen Mark 4 for my Dad for Christmas, a ThermoPop for myself and the Smoke (plus an additional probe)….and got the Infrared thermometer for free (and this is a fun freebie).
    I gotta say….I am very impressed! I spent a small fortune (hope you got your commission), but I am quite pleased with the quality of all of these products! I am impressed with the “girthiness” of the Smoke…..even the remote transmitter feels solid in your hands. I told my wife that I have never had such sophisticated toys to cook with…..cannot wait to try them out. I will use the Smoke with the two standard temperature probes on Thursday when I cook a turkey in my Big Easy (I know it is not a Weber product, but it is a good one in case you have never tried it…..surprised that Weber has not come up with their own version….if they did, I would pick one up for sure)….gonna put one probe in the thing and one in the breast.
    Also….I was surprised at the size of both the Thermapen and the ThermoPop. In all the pics, I always pictured the head of the ThermoPop being about as big as a quarter….nope…about the size of a silver dollar….and the rotating display is fun.
    So thanks for the guidance on these products….and ThermoWorks should thank you for showing your viewers the Smoke….would have never known about it without your website.
    For anyone reading this that has pondered the ThermoWorks products……buy one…you will be impressed!

    • Tres B says

      Oops…mis-typed….meant I would put one probe in the thigh and one in the breast…LOL.

    • Thank you for the follow up – I’m glad you’re enjoying your Thermoworks thermometers. I’ve loved mine for years, and I’m sure you will too!

  2. Tres B says

    Hey Mike:

    This looks like a nice product, and I like the concept of the “air probe” for the actual grill temp….

    My question is this…..could you use a 2nd standard meat probe instead of the “air probe” to keep an eye on two different zones.

    For example….I cook a sizable prime rib roast in the oven every Christmas. In the past, I have used two different “cheaper” meat thermometers (the ones with the long wire lines) to keep an eye on the temp towards the edge of the roast, and then in the middle….as to be able to serve up the prime rib with different levels of done-ness for those that like something more well done (yes….this is sacrilege, as medium rate is the ONLY way to eat it as far as I am concerned…LOL).

    I think you may have answered this questions in your other response, but I figured I would check with you before I spend the money (and yes…I will purchase through you).

    One…well two more questions…..

    1 – What is the big difference besides battery life in the new versus classic Thermapen? My Dad (yes…the one who grilled in 2 foot snow wearing hip waders 40 years ago I told you about) is interested and I am going to pick him up one for Christmas…..was not sure for the price difference, which one I should get.

    2 – Is there any quality difference in the reading, speed, etc of the ThermoPop vs the Termapen? I figure for the price difference, there must be some difference…..but being made by the same company, I was not sure if the two employed the same technology. Looking for some stocking stuffers and for the price, the ThermoPop would make a nice stocking stuffer.

    • > Could you use a 2nd standard meat probe instead of the “air probe”?
      Yes, absolutely. The big advantage to the smoke is the wireless connection – and it’s cheaper than two ChefAlarm meat probes. But, if you already have two meat probes, and don’t want wireless, go with what you have.

      > Difference in Thermapen Classic vs Mark 4?
      I like the newer model – better display, better battery, better feel in the hand – but the classic was a classic for a reason; it still works great. That said, If I’m going to pay the high price for a Thermapen, I’m going to spend a little extra for the newer model.

      > ThermoPop vs Thermapen?
      Thermapen is noticeably faster, and I like the “fold in” probe much better for day to day use. (I love my Thermapen). But the ThermoPop is a good thermometer, and a much better value. Even with my Thermapen, I keep a couple of ThermoPops lying around, so I can take a thermometer with me and not worry about a disaster ruining it. (Like, um, when I dropped my brother’s ThermoPop in a turkey fryer the other day. Whoops. It is still working, though – those ThermoPops are tough.)

  3. Ryan Schnarr says

    What would be some of the pros/cons of the Smoke vs. the ThermaQ 2 Channel Thermocouple Alarm?

    • The ThermaQ is a good unit – I have an earlier version – but it is not wireless. The Smoke is cheaper. The Smoke has a few different probes available, but the ThermaQ has a wide variety of probes available, and its armored probe is heat-safe up to 662°F (the Smoke probe is heat-safe up to 572°F). For a home cook and barbecuer, the Smoke is the better choice, as long as you can keep the probe out of open flames.

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