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Amazon Black Friday Instant Pot Sale 2019

Instant Pot Close-Up

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Amazon has their best deals of the year on Instant Pots on Black Friday. I’m writing this a few days early; I’ll update this post as soon as I find out what the deals are.

Update 2019-11-29: It’s 6-Quart Duo Sale Day! The sales are on all all-new Instant Pot Duo Nova for $60, the slightly older Instant Pot Duo Plus for $65, and the original Instant Pot Duo for $49!

I’d pay the extra $10 for the new Duo Nova model – it’s my “best value Instant Pot for everyone” choice. $49 for the original Duo is a great deal, and that pot was my daily driver pressure cooker for years.

Instant Pot Duo Nova for $59.95 [Amazon.com]

Instant Pot Duo Plus for $64 [Amazon.com]

Instant Pot Duo for $49.00 [Amazon.com]

If you want these deals on an Instant Pot don’t delay. On previous Black Fridays, Instant Pots have been a best seller, and Amazon has sold out their Instant Pot deals quickly.

General Instant Pot Info

What size should you get? I have thoughts on 8-quart vs 6-quart Instant Pots:

And, in general, an Instant Pot is an Instant Pot. They all have a strong family resemblance. If you want a deal, don’t worry as much about wether it’s a Duo, Duo Plus, or Duo Nova – they’re all great pressure cookers.

I always want the newest, shiniest toys, so I pay extra for the latest model…and Instant Pot just refreshed their entire lineup. Here are the new ones:

Instant Pot Duo Nova – 6-Quart

My default option for “This is the Instant Pot you want.” Large enough for almost everything for my family of 5. UPDATE: And on a fantastic sale!

Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-Quart [Amazon.com]

Instant Pot Duo Nova – 10-Quart

TEN? TEN QUARTS? They’ve gone mad I tell you. Mad!

This massive pot is making day-after-Thanksgiving leftover turkey bones broth as you read this. I didn’t have to break up the turkey carcass to get it to fit – it just drops in.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 10-Quart [Amazon.com]

NOTE: Double check the price on the 10-quart before ordering; it should be about $150. Amazon has sold out in the past, and I’ve seen some ridiculous price gouging from 3rd party sellers.

Instant Pot Evo Plus – 6-Quart

If you love your Instant Pot and want to upgrade to a fancier cooker, this is the one to get. (I don’t understand how they got the handles to work on the side of the pot – but they did.)

Instant Pot Evo Plus – 6-Quart [Amazon.com]

But what about the Ultra/Max/Lux/Smart?

Right now, my Instant Pot recommendation is the Duo Nova, and my favorite Fancy pot is the Evo Plus. That said, they’re all good cookers. If Amazon has one on sale, and you want it, go for it! (As I’ve said in the past, Instant Pots all have a strong family resemblance.)

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What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Rebecca says

    Thanks for all your IP reviews – I’ve found them immensely helpful as I try to select my very first model. I read your “twitchy knob” review of the Ultra, so I’m curious about the dial knob on the Duo Evo Plus? I see that it (Evo Plus) retained the buttons for the various modes; so is the dial just used for the other settings (time, PC level, etc.)?

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