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Chris L. said...

If you could recommend one pressure cooker to get, which would it be? I saw in an earlier article you favor the Fagor Duo 10 Quart, but the "cover art" to your pressure cooker section features a Kuhn Rikon model. Just wondering if your preference has changed. While you're at it, what's your favorite slow cooker?

Mike Vrobel said...

@Chris L:

I do prefer the Kuhn Rikon to the Fagor. It's bigger, and better build quality...but it also costs about four times as much. Both K-R and Fagor have worked well for me, so I'd go with whichever one your pocketbook can handle.

Slow cookers - I have an expensive All-Clad deluxe with an aluminum, stovetop-safe insert. It's great...but expensive. I have had bad luck with "Crock Pot" brand cookers and the insert cracking, but everyone else seems to love them.