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  1. Jon Howell says

    Whoaaa… I usually just go straight to a recipe from a Google search. Browsing your site today… I can’t believe how many recipes you’ve posted! And your website is well designed (I’m a UX guy, so I more or less know what I’m talking about, hehe). Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Britt says

    Your beef barley soup all my friends loved, there was so much flavour. I made a few things in my instant pot and that was the best.

  3. What kind of fat separator do you recommend? I’ve noticed one in a video but couldn’t make out the brand. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Stephen Ryan says

    I live just outside New Orleans and love the food…especially when I cook it. I got my Instant Pot from my wife for my birthday. I was skeptical at first, but have learned to love it. I’ve tried a few Jambalaya recipes that have all been failures with soft, gummy rice that stuck and burned. Then I remembered your blog and found your recipe. As with all of your recipes I’ve tried, the Jambalay was perfect.

    Please, keep up the great blog and recipes. My family and I love them. Right now I have my IP cooking up a batch of your Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Thanks again.

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