1. Mike McIntosh says


    I am having some problems with your website, which I reference often. I went to your grilling page, which is filled with great pictures. However, they are not linked to the recipes. Even if I do a search, (as I just did on kalbi,) the picture comes up, but it isn’t linked to the recipe. The same is true for the rest of category pages. If I go to the All Recipes page, kalbi only gets one hit. If I search from the main search box, I get a bunch of hits. (Albeit, not all are kalbi recipes.) My problem is that I like to peruse your site for inspiration. I see a great picture of something, but don’t know what I am looking at and it isn’t linked to a description or recipe. I love your site and your ebooks are why I originally sprang for a Kindle. (I believe I own all of them.) I hope that this is helpful and that there is something that you can do to have the pictures link to the recipes. The main search works fine, but you have to know what you are looking for.


    Mike from Austin

    • Thank you for telling me! I think I fixed it – at least it wasn’t working for me, and now it is. Can you try it out again?

      (Too much detail: I had to change a setting in my Essential Grid component. But…those settings have been the same for years, so I’m not sure why it needed to change now. But it fixed it, at least for me?)

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