Rotisserie Wild Boar Shoulder Roast

Rotisserie Wild Boar Shoulder Roast

*Meat from feral swine
The fine print on the wild boar package feels so medieval. A bristly, snorting, tusked beast bearing down on me while I draw back my bow and take aim. You want paleo? I’ll give you paleo…


Wild boar are, unfortunately, not a relic of our hunter-gatherer past. They’re a nuisance animal, if you consider 800 pounds of bad attitude and sharp tusks a “nuisance.” Wild boar are found in most states in the continental US, though they’re a particular problem in California, Texas, and the Southeast. Don’t believe me? Check out this map at the National Feral Swine Mapping System.
For more on Wild Boar, see my Pressure Coker Wild Boar Stew recipe. It has lots of fun feral swine facts.

Time to get medieval on my wild boar, and spit roast it on my rotisserie. I dry brined the shoulder roast with an overnight salting. Then I trussed it - which was the hard part, becuase the roast was in a couple of big floppy pieces. Once I had it shaped back into an (admittedly lumpy) cylinder, I ran it through with the spit, and cooked it medium-low and slow until it hit 195°F in the thickest part, about four hours. Then I ran the infrared rotisserie burner on high for fifteen mintues to crisp up the outside of the roast.

The result? Strong pork flavor, but not "piggy" if that makes any sense. It’s a little on the dry side - wild boar has a lot less fat than domesticated pork - but the extra porky flavor makes up for it.

Ready to make a meal fit for the lord of the manor? Try a spit-roast wild boar.

Recipe: Rotisserie Wild Boar Shoulder Roast

Road Trip: The Big Harvest Potluck 2014

Why are you calling yourself a “D list blogger”?
The salad line stretches out in the shadow of an ancient tree. It’s lunchtime at The Big Harvest Potluck, and Cheryl Sternman Rule is giving me a swift kick in the pants about my attitude.
Why do that to yourself? Who are you comparing yourself to?
Cheryl is a skilled interrogator, asking questions that make me think. And she is not pleased with my answers. After slowing down and listening to myself, neither am I.
Why do you write about food? What moves you? Are you just doing it for page views, or do you have other reasons?

I could spend the rest of this post doing what I normally do after a conference - rambling on about the fantastic location, the fun things we did (balloon rides!), the great speakers, the wonderful people I met.


Not today.

PicOfTheWeek: Kale as a flower arrangement

PicOfTheWeek: Kale and vegetables as a "flower arrangement" at Burpee Gardens for Pam Anderson's Big Harvest Potluck. I'm still trying to process all the information. Until my brain settles down, I'll just enjoy these decorations. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the rainbow chard setting - it was even more colorful.)

Pressure Cooker Duck and White Bean Chili

My freezer is overflowing. I can’t help myself; when I see a deal on meat at the grocery store, I buy it. Enough is enough. No more meat purchases until I clear everything out of the freezer.

I have a pound of ground duck left from my trip to Maple Leaf Farms, and a bag of white beans in the pantry. Cassoulet pops into my head - the classic French bean stew with duck confit and sausages.

I may have started started out with cassoulet, but by the time I was done, the pot was more Southwestern than French. It seems like all one pot meals turn to chili in my kitchen.

Was I disappointed? No! Rich duck meat, creamy white beans, and a hint of spicy heat? It’s almost like I meant to make that in the first place.
Shhh. Like Julia Child said, no matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize.

Recipe: Pressure Cooker Duck and White Bean Chili

Five Fun Food Finds September 2014

Fall is my favorite time of year. I overheat easily; I love weather that’s just a little bit cool, crisp enough that I’d consider wearing a jacket.

To celebrate the first day of autumn, here are five things I’m enjoying now…with a bonus food quote from my twitter feed:

Five Fun Food Finds September 2014