Video: How To Rotisserie a Rib Roast

At Christmas, I go for the full roast beast experience. I want a rib roast, bones attached, to bring to the table. (I make sure I get one of those bones - everything else is secondary.)

Here is my new video on how to cook a five bone rib roast on the rotisserie.

How to Rotisserie a Rib Roast []

In case you need it, here’s the recipe: Rotisserie Beef Prime Rib Roast

What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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Paperback Edition of Rotisserie Chicken Grilling Is Live!

Does your grill have a rotisserie? If so, rotisserie chicken is the first thing you should cook on it.

If you are just starting out, Rotisserie Chicken Grilling will teach you the basics. How do you set up the rotisserie? What equipment do you need? How do you secure the bird on the rotisserie spit? It’s all explained.

There are over 50 recipes for rotisserie chicken; from simple salt and pepper birds to elaborate barbecue sauces; from Mediterranean herb pastes to Asian glazes. There are recipes to fill up the drip pan, bathing potatoes in chicken drippings, and a section on what to do with leftover chicken, from soups to salads to my favorite, Taco Night.

The Kindle edition has full color pictures with each recipe - you are sure to find a new favorite.
Now, get outside and start grilling a chicken on your rotisserie!

About the author: Mike Vrobel is the food-obsessed author of the Rotisserie Grilling Cookbook, and writes about food on his blog,

The paperback edition of Rotisserie Chicken Grilling is now available! (Yes, I'm a bit ahead of schedule - formatting the paperback was easier than I expected.)

For story behind the book, check out my post about the Kindle edition from a couple of weeks ago. For the paperback edition, I have a few things things to add:

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

I was shocked. Brussels sprouts were the surprise hit of Thanksgiving dinner.

Brussels sprouts are controversial in my wife’s family - none of her siblings will eat them. But, there they were, reaching for seconds. After dinner, everyone wanted the recipe, so here it is.
The requests all started: “I don’t like Brussels sprouts, but…”

I have to admit to being lucky - I almost skipped Brussels sprouts, knowing how unpopular they are with my in-laws. I was looking for a make ahead side dish when I saw Kenji Alt’s Over the Top Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin. It looked too good to pass up. (I figured, if they don't eat them, great! More sprouts for me.) I followed Kenji's basic idea, but left out the bacon, because some of my guests are vegetarian.

Now, you may be thinking: Brussels sprouts? Vegetarian? What, are you serving health food? Um…no. These are rich, decadent sprouts, bathed in heavy cream and covered with cheese.

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts Gratin

PicOfTheWeek: Beeef!

Working on a new rotisserie video for the holidays. (And, oh my, we're going to eat well tonight.)

Sous Vide Limoncello

<…In the car, listening to america’s test kitchen podcast…> Wait…I can make my own limoncello?
Phew! Christmas list solved. I’ll look up the recipe when I get home.

<…At home, searching the web…>
Darn…it has to rest for weeks, if not months. Christmas is too close. Hmm.

<…adjusting search terms…>
Aha! Sous Vide to the rescue! I can speed the infusion time up from weeks to hours. Next, I need 190 proof grain alcohol.

<…remembering a particular party in college…shudders. Moving on…>
Darn, again…I can’t buy Everclear 190 in Ohio without a prescription. It’s 127 miles to Pittsburgh. I’ve got a full tank of gas, ten organic lemons, it’s snowing…

<…one bootlegging run to Pennsylvania later…> 
Excellent warning labels on this bottle: “Caution! Extremely Flammable! Contents may ignite or explode.” That’s what you get with 95% alcohol.

I got to work scrubbing and zesting lemons. And…that’s it. Lemon zest, Everclear, a quart mason jar, and three hours sous vide yield lemon infused liquor; simmering water and sugar gives me simple syrup, and the two combine into limoncello. I can’t believe it is this easy.

Recipe: Sous Vide Limoncello